Think About It

When we, as rational human beings, get into situations with such conflicting ideas as in the statist-anarchist debate, we often forget to look pass our inherent indoctrination-induced logical barriers to really look and understand claims for what they really imply as well as require. A very familiar example for most of us is Christianity (or any Abrahamic religion for that matter) due to the sad but true fact that most of us either are or at one point were Christians. Those like myself who were taught critical thinking skills until later on in life accepted traditional Christian doctrine as truth. As a result, we only turned away from it once we realized what it was that we actually believed: a magical sky fairy with human attributes sacrificing his human form to himself in order to convince himself to forgive humanity for something that he always knew would happen. It is when we look at the base claims of these ideas that we realize their essence of idiocy. The same is applicable to the idea of statism and government. In this, we need to look past what we have been brainwashed into thinking is morally just and inherently desirable for humanity, and look at the claim bare to the bone. On this basis, statism is as follows: we allow an elitist class to use the initiation of force on us in order to prevent individuals from using the initiation of force on others. The conclusion is simple: private and public ethics are identical, ladies and gentlemen. Look past the state indoctrination, and open your eyes to the beauty of then individual.


My Anarchism


The interesting yet not-so-surprising truth about anarchism is that if you were to gather 100 individual anarchists and ask “What is your view on anarchism”, you would likely get 100 different answers. Because this is true, it is very difficult for society to have a true and objective understand of each and every anarchist’s anarchism. While I’m certainly not an authority on other individuals’ anarchist ideals, I will in the post put forth my personal ideology pertaining to statism and anarchism. To start, I am what is commonly called a anarcho-capitalist. This can be explained briefly in two points:
1. The state and public sector override individual consent, the non-aggression principle, and right rights through the legitimization of monopolized violence in a geographical area. Because of this, the state is, by definition, immoral and cannot be allowed to exist.
2. Society is made up of individuals seeking their self interests through voluntary contractual obligations as well as action themselves. Thus, society would function better through voluntary actions and private contracts than through central planning.
While these points may bring up serious problems in your head given specific situations, I’m only presenting my position in this post; specific solutions will come in later posts.
Now that the position has been presented in a straightforward manner, ask yourself: how does the state protect moral and pragmatic social paradigms while overriding them for the sake of existing?

The ‘Anarchy Is Chaos’ Fallacy

Even to the veteran of anarchist philosophy, the claim is presented that anarchy is just ‘chaos’. Aside from the clear fact that this is a blank assertion without any basis in logic and reason, it can actually be used as a turn argument against the existence of the state. The basic impact of the chaos argument is that people will assume power over others through abusing property rights and overriding the non-aggression principle because there is no coercive force by which to regulate their actions. First, we can start by pointing bout that this is synonymous to curing cancer with cancer (ie regulating violence through the legitimization of violence). Second, a stateless or voluntary society could deter such crime without the use of force. By this, I mean that the free market could provide voluntary deterrence against immoral action. An example of this would be private rights protection agencies engaging in contracts with vital corporations to voluntarily refuse service to those engaging in crime for an agreeable time. Through the free market, it is possible to have rights protections, fair court proceedings, and punishment without the coercion of death and violence. While this is a very possible idea of how the anarchic deterrence of crime could function, there are many more including those which the marketplace of ideas shall bring forth. Third, and last, the state is the cause of the most egregious crimes imaginable. Whether we are talking about the butchering of foreigners like pigs, development of nuclear weapons technology, or abuse of domestic liberties, the state has been the direct cause of tyranny as well as chaos itself (ie Somalia and Iraq). Rather than asking the same old recycled question about anarchic chaos, shouldn’t be be asking the modern question: what gives 600 men in Washington the authority to inhibit immoral moral standards upon the rest of us?

The Anarchist Position Generalized

Whether you talk to an anarcho-primitivist, anarcho-communist, or anarcho-capitalist, anarchists share a perspective on at least one part of the anti-state argument. The argument runs as follows:

1. Rational moral reasoning dictates 2 basic objective truths: a) the rights of property of self-governance, and b) the non-agression principle (it is immoral to INITIATE force against another).

2. The state is defined as a legitimized monopoly on decision-making and the initiation of force upon individuals within a geographical area.

3. Therefore, the state is inherently immoral in the fact that it overrides both objective moral truths.

Now, consider the argument presented and ask yourself: is it as irrational as I previously supposed?

Welcome to Everyday Anarchism

Welcome, fellow members of the human race! Now I’m fully aware of what you are asking yourself: what does the wacko anarchist want to do with a blog? The answer is a simple: to make you aware. The sad, but honest, truth that we face in this day and age is the fact that very few people understand the true meaning of anarchist theory. As a result, we are pushed as a minority into the dark corners of society without so much as a second glance. If you seek the truth about one of the most encompassing philosophies in history, welcome, friend, to Everyday Anarchism where morality and reality merge.